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Basic Ideas,Surprising Tips and Zany Facts About Security

Hello. This blog is about home and business security. I hope to include surprising tips you have never heard before as well as important facts to keep you amused. However, I also plan to write a few posts for novices to the world of security. My name is Susan, and home security has always been important to me. When I was a kid, I used to have nightmares, and knowing that the doors where securely locked always seemed to help. Now, as an adult, I am still serious about security, and I personally oversee every aspect of the security system and locks at my home and business.


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5 Reasons You Should Use an Electronic Lock System to Protect Your Business Premises

If you still use old-fashioned mechanical locks and keys to protect your business premises, you could be missing out on the benefits that an electronic locking system can bring. From enhanced security to greater convenience, electronic security systems have many advantages. Here are five reasons to invest today in an electronic lock system for your business.

1. Prevent Lost Keys

How many times have you had to change your mechanical locks because an employee has lost a key and you can't be sure that it has not fallen into the wrong hands? Electronic door lock systems make lost keys a thing of the past by using GPS technology to track the physical locations of all key cards. The system even issues a different serial number for each key, which means you can tell at a glance which one has gone astray.

2. Be Sure Keys Are Never Copied

No matter how often you tell employees not to make copies of metal keys, you can't be sure that they will listen. In contrast, the key cards used in electronic locking systems are impossible to copy, reassuring you that only the cards you have given to your employees can unlock your business premises.

3. Easily Rekey Locks

If a key card does fall into the wrong hands, you can easily take action to ensure your property is secure. An administrator can digitally reset the lock and update all the key cards still in your possession, ensuring that a lost or stolen card can't be used to gain access to your building.

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Although there is a cost associated with the switch from mechanical to electronic locks, you could face lower costs in the long run. Thanks to the ability to rekey digital locks yourself, you will no longer face locksmith call-out costs, which can be sky-high in emergency situations.

5. Allow Hands-Free Operation

Waving an access card in front of an electronic sensor is a much easier way to unlock a door than fumbling to fit a metal key into a small keyhole. Switching to an electronic security system allows employees to move more easily and quickly through your business premises, creating small time savings that could eventually add up to a significant amount of time. This benefit is particularly important for employees who often have to pass through several sets of locked doors as part of their daily work.